The Dark Night Of The Soul – (Everything You Need To Know)

the dark night of the soul

In this post, I’ll share 7 important things to know about the dark night of the soul. Before we get into that…. do you know if you’re going through it? If not, then watch this video first… => SIGNS You’re Going Through The Dark Night Of The Soul <= If you have reason to believe…

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Are We ALREADY In The 5th Dimension?

5d earth - 5th dimension

Most of you are aware that there is a BIG shift going on… an ascension… a dimensional jump! We know this because life has already started to come unglued quite a bit. Do you have synchronicity? – like all the time!? Me too. THAT in itself is pretty crazy if you ask me… and it’s…

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Awakening Hack – (Helpful Tip For Healing Your Emotional Body)

This awakening goes DEEP… Way deeper than I could have ever imagined. I am going to share a surprising discovery… an “ascension hack” if you will… that will help you with… not all… but A LOT of your deep emotional issues… The clarity of our ever expanding awakening is helping us make these surprising connections…

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7-Day Energetic DETOX

Have you been feeling a bit  addictive, fidgety, and overly focused on distractions outside of yourself? This manifests in… watching more tv than normal… compulsively checking your email, facebook, and other social media feeling addicted to your smart phone drawn to simple pleasures in the form of food, sex, and alcohol Many times the energies sort of…provoke…

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Empath Guide: (How To Use Your Sensitivity To Awaken)

99% of the time, being a sensitive empath seems like a cruel, cosmic curse… Right? I will be the first to admit it. Growing up I was so extremely sensitive to nearly, all things, that I felt like I had a consistent flow of palpable, anxiety flowing through my circuits at all times. Only in…

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Negative Synchronicity

I know how unsettling Negative Synchronicity can be. I have been experiencing it a lot lately, myself. The energies of 2016 are kicking up anything and everything right now! What is Negative Synchronicity? All synchronicity is our inner state of being, mirrored outside in the physical world. Negative Synchronicity is not really, “bad.” It is…

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