A Message For Tired Wanderers & Old Souls

I felt inspired to share this with you… Last week I noticed a lot of people were having a tough time… One of my coaching clients was having a particularly challenging time. In case this email finds you feeling the same… I am going to copy and paste exactly what I told her… This is…

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My Spiritual Awakening Story – (Before & After)

This is my personal spiritual awakening story. You Can Watch The Video Here I’ve never done this before… but I wanted to share it to give anyone out there who’s struggling some hope. Not for the sake of making you feel better in the moment… but because your awakening situation, though sometimes dark… IS hopeful. There really is MUCH to look forward to…

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The Dark Night Of The Soul – (Everything You Need To Know)

the dark night of the soul

In this post, I’ll share 7 important things to know about the dark night of the soul. Before we get into that…. do you know if you’re going through it? If not, then watch this video first… => SIGNS You’re Going Through The Dark Night Of The Soul <= If you have reason to believe…

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Why “Intense Doubt” Is Actually A GREAT Sign

Did you know that I experience self doubt all the time? Do you know what I do when I’m feeling it? Celebrate! No… not really 🙂 BUT.. I have come to see it as a POSITIVE indicator. During the course of your awakening journey there will likely be times when you experience VERY intense self-doubt……

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Are You Ready For August? (ENERGY UPDATE)

Let the show begin.. Time To Step Up (The Leaders Awaken) When I say, “leaders,” I’m implying every one of you. I believe this month you’ll notice, more than ever… why you came. Not so much specifically, but in a general sense. It’s one thing to read that the vibrations are raising and the earth…

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June New Moon (Energy Update) – “VERY Powerful”

ascension 2017 new moon

There is a LOT of energy right now! I imagine you’re all feeling this in some way. Whenever there is a big PUSH from the universe, as we are now experiencing, the affect is always very individual. The common denominator however is speed & intensity. I suspect this has to do with the close proximity of…

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Is Your Inner Voice Becoming LOUDER?

Is your intuition becoming louder? More obvious? Like, now a days you pretty much always… KNOW what you should be doing? Sometimes we really are clueless… but MOST of the time… we KNOW what that next step is, but just don’t feel like doing it. Maybe it scares us… or contains risks…  is out of the norm…whatever… we stall, hesitate, and…

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Are You Feeling The Heat?

ascension energy april 2017

We are experiencing some very… whats a good word?…. PROVOCATIVE… Ascension Energy… right now. You can see… & FEEL it everywhere. Mostly in interactions between fellow human beings. – In the grocery store – In your own personal relationships – On FaceBook especially! Such heat… such disagreement… such competition… It seems that this energy basting…

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A Spiritual Awakening ALCHEMIST… you are

I am always amazed at how tricky this process can be… (and surprising) How many times have you had evidence stacking up all around you, indicating that things are going south… getting worse…. falling apart? Them BAM! In an instant… you suddenly see that all of that… “pressure” has been forming a diamond all along.…

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