10 Chararestics Of A Wanderer


I would estimate that very few people that just so happen to stumble upon an article such as this, are not wanderers 🙂

If you want to take a more calculated approach however, I would estimate that if you relate to 7 or more of these, “wanderer traits”…you can pretty much rest assured that you are one.

The world is currently SATURATED with wanderers like never before, for we are living in a very special and unique time in Earth’s history, and the presence of these wise, old souls is very much needed…

If you are on the fence, perhaps these 10 charastics will help you identify yourself and more importantly… find your tribe!

10 Characteristics Of A Wanderer

#1. Empathetic To An ANNOYING Degree… 

Empathy sounds like a nice trait… and yet often it manifests in the form of anxiety, especially in social situations. It’s like you have been stricken with such sensitivity to EVERYTHING that it feels more like a burden than a blessing.

#2. STRONG Sense Of Purpose…

Exactly what that purpose is… is often a mystery, and yet somewhere very deep and grounded is an unwavering KNOWING of the firmly established purpose that has yet to be revealed.

#3. Have Experience Great (Sometimes Rare) Challenges…

I was hit by a huge firework at the age of 9 that nearly took my life… Many of the people I work with have experienced different, yet equally traumatizing experiences that have shaped their lives in a highly influential way.

Often though, a great challenge does not need a noticeable physical representation as it did for me and the struggle could be more internal and less obvious to the naked eye.

#4. HIGHLY Intuitive…

A wanderer soul is incredibly perceptive… usually in their own unique way.  Some of the people I have spoken with during my private skype sessions have blown my mind with their unique ability to perceive the typically… unseen.

Personally, I am very empathetic and can literally sense the energy of people, places, and even ideas in my mind.

What’s your psychic specialty?

#5. Feels UNUSUALLY Discontent With Humanities’s Present State…

The deeply rooted hate… paralyzing fear… ridged control systems… EXTREME conflict and division among human beings…

This state is typically accepted by most in a very detached and callus way.

Not you!

You look around and can’t help but ask yourself…

“What the heck is going on here?”

You wonder how people can sit by so passively as this situation continues for even another second.

#6. Doesn’t Bat An Eye At Stories Of The Paranormal, Mystical, Or Divine…

A wanderer feels comfortable & accepting, regardless of their personal experience, or lack their of… if someone was to confess something like this…

This is something that happened to me when i was 18.

I had a MIND BLOWING experience during a very cold night while staying in a drug rehab facility.

Seconds after shaking my fists and cursing at my, so – called creator, casting blame for my hopeless situation… after sobbing uncontrollably at the edge of my bed…

I VANISHED and in an instant, re-appeared in another realm?… (as I would attempt to describe)

I found myself in a place that resembled my idea of heaven… It was very bright, light and literally emenated with piercing and potent “love energy.”

There I encountered an actual angel! Straight up! No joke…

This angelic being took me under it’s wing… (literally and figuratively) and flashed me back into my own dark past that I was able to view… from an outside perspective in a much wiser and more objective vantage point.

From here, the folly in my ways was strikingly clear.

8 hours later I shot up from my bed, gasping for air… shocked at what had just happened.

That actually did happen to me and most wanderers would not have trouble believing that tale, for they have a sixth sense for detecting sincerity and honesty, and also a general “openness” to possibilities that extend far outside the confines of what they have been taught or even, themselves… experienced.

#7. Possesses Great Wisdom… Regardless of Age. (& It Can Be Seen In The DEPTH Of Their EYES)

I see this in my own children!

From the moment of their birth they had a look in their eyes as if they were already adults… They possessed such a relaxed gaze of KNOWING and wisdom that it was almost freaky…

A wanderer is a very ancient soul and it’s many journeys and experiences, though forgotten can be recognized from an outsider by the beaming wisdom that emanates from their eyes.

You may have noticed as children, that things, concepts, solutions… were very natural and obvious to you, even though difficult to grasp or seen by others… (sometimes even adults).

Almost like you possess… a greater degree of common sense.

#8. Have Heard… “The CALL To Adventure”…

As eloquently described by author Joseph Cambell in his masterpeice, “The Hero With A Thousand Faces”… there comes a point in a person’s life where they feel a strong inner nudge to deviate from the momentum of their life and step way off their… (what seems very predictable and unfufilling) path.

They feel a pull to break away from the norms and general trajectory of their life, and pursue something totally different (WAY outside their comfort zone)…where the outcome is a complete mystery.

The heeding of this call is equally scary as it is exciting…

The avoidance of it will cause an increasing sense dullness and may even attract what seem like random tragedies into the person’s life as a wake up call from the universe that says…

“It’s time to get movin’… – your destiny awaits”

#9. Senses the EXTREME Limitations Of Their Perception Of Reality…

For me, it was the first time I dropped LSD in the 9th grade… It blew me WIDE open to the realization that my ordinary, human consciousness could only perceive but a small fraction of what actually exists in each and every moment.

Many of you just KNOW this without the need to experience a glimpse of the potential “broadness” of your consciousness.

Throughout my high school years I had an undeniable yearning to… “Break On Through.”  Just like it says in the song from one of my favorite bands, The Doors…

I desparatly longed to break on through this murky,  dimly lit cavern of where my consciousness dwelt, and see the world like I KNEW, on an intuitive level…  truly exists.

#10. Senses Something Is Different & SPECIAL About This Particular Time In Earth’s History

There is a part of you that senses…. very strongly… that there is something brewing off in the distance.

Something so grand and massive that you don’t even attempt to put into words or capture it within mental concepts, yet you KNOW with every fiber of your being that it’s there… and it’s coming.

It’s drawing closer and closer and there is almost a buzzing… a PULSE in the air, signifying it’s soon to be arrival.

There are many who attempt to pin this down but most of us have the sense that it’s far to MASSIVE to ever be encapsulated in it’s fullness.

Guess we’ll have to just wait and see 🙂


What do ya say?

Are you a wanderer?

If you read this far than I’d bet you are…

-Victor Oddo

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