A Message For Tired Wanderers & Old Souls

I felt inspired to share this with you…

Last week I noticed a lot of people were having a tough time…

One of my coaching clients was having a particularly challenging time.

In case this email finds you feeling the same… I am going to copy and paste exactly what I told her…

This is the exact email I sent – (minus her name to retain privacy)

Hey beautiful!

I hear ya girl…

First I must say that for someone in your situation, you are always so polite and sweet!

(so many of you reading this have that same remarkable quality 🙂

I don’t have a formula to give you… this is a spiritual transition that your soul chose to partake in.

Most find it 100X more difficult, lengthy, and unrewarding than they could have ever expected.

I don’t know about you, but for me and many others…. the journey started with a lot of hope, magic, and positivity.

That was to hook me in! To invite me down this path of self discovery.

Like you, there came a time where I felt like it wouldn’t end…. just as you describe, I experienced this…. broke, hopeless…. totally out of sorts, stressed to the max, and pulsating with frustration, irritation, depression, anxiety, and any other highly unpleasant emotion that I forgot to mention!

This period of time seemed fruitless for quite a while.

It didn’t really bring more positive feelings, gentle emotions, or anything of the sort… but here’s what it did do…

It provided me with the soil and circumstance where I had to bring my best self to the table.

It forced me to dig DEEP into the pit of my soul and muster up the courage, patience, perseverance, and strength to take 100% control of every facet of my life, including my emotional state.

This is why we are lured in…. this is not a pleasant process…

The outcome however is a degree of self mastery and transformation that will make all of your dreams possible.

You can have abundance, a rewarding career, balance, health, and love….

But most people want all of that to just happen for them… be given to them…

Our soul knows it’s a million times more special and rewarding when we create all of that ourselves.

Just like people that win the lottery soon feel empty and depressed, yet have it all.

You have chosen to create your own lottery that is a perfect reflection of your souls highest aspirations and dreams.

The price however is exactly what you describe.

So my advice to you is to keep at it… and don’t quit.

Allow yourself to feel miserable and scattered.

Slowly chip away in a direction of your choosing… it may be slow going at first.. and the path probably won’t be clear… but just keep moving.

Try not to let yourself get frustrated too long….. A little bit is inevitable… just don’t stew in it.

Your life will change when you choose to change it.

The name of the game now is staying out of your head…. getting into your center…. and taking action on your own intuitive guidance.

If you aren’t getting any… you gotta do something that puts you in the zone, wether it be meditation, painting, exercise, whatever.

Find what puts you back in the flow and do it as necessary.

Meanwhile, don’t be so hard on yourself…. what you describe is perfectly normal… at least in my line or work 🙂

I get to see where it leads for people and it’s amazing and so beautiful words can’t describe.

Don’t quit.

Rather… do as I did… dig deep, rise up… and take the world by storm. You are a divine being and have that power if you choose to use it.

– Vic

I just re-read that and felt like I motivated myself! haha

I hope this letter has lifted you up a bit my tired wanderer friend…


– Victor

PS. You don’t have to do this alone…

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