Next Time You Feel Lost (try this)

It’s actually rare that we TRULY don’t know what to do.

Ironically, we feel l lost all the time!

The feelings of uncertainty are quite real and in great abundance… but in truth, clarity is always present.

I am going to share with you a little technique that I sometimes use on my coaching clients when they tell me they feel lost…

I hear all the time…

“Vic, I just don’t know what to do.”

I always ask…

“Well, what do you want to do?”

Often the immediate response is… “I don’t know!”

In reality, we know exactly what we want, however a 3 letter word always gets in the way…

B – U – T

I want to go here…. but

I want to leave this relationship, job, or situation…. but

I want to become this…. but

9 out of 10 times the “but” is simply a mis-aligned belief, fear, or another mental or emotional block that can be lifted at any time given a sufficient amount of awareness.

Here’s how to blast the,”but” with awareness and reveal to yourself the obvious next step for yourself.

As Tony Robins suggests…. “knock the legs out” from under the block.

Just as a good attorney does to a witness… start questioning the doubt, fear, or belief.

These misaligned beliefs, doubts, fears, and concerns only exist because they have been sneaking around like a ninja, undetected by your conscious awareness.

Shine a spot light right on them and you will see that they have no legs to stand on.

I want OUT of this job! – but…

Why don’t you get up and quit right now? Is that not a possibility?

No way!

Why don’t you march into your bosses office and ask for a promotion?

hmm (that’s uncomfortable… theres the possibility of rejection)

Why don’t you ask to be transfered?

I don’t want to bother my boss

Why don’t you start that online crystal business that you have been secretly entertaining in the back of your mind for months?

Well, I…

I don’t know how.

Why not start learning how?

See many times what we want is right on the other side of a fear.

The totally awesome life that your heart is now trying to nudge your towards is always WAY outside your comfort zone.

Your heart is normally fairly clear in it’s guidance but the signals often bump up against uncomfortable emotions.

Those emotions are never as powerful as they seem though and with enough interrogation you will have an easier time than you think… weakening their foundation.

When you see that your doubts have no legs to stand on, all that’s left is that next step that’s been at arms length the entire time.

Have a great day folks!

Talk to you soon,



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