2017 – (Why Trusting Your Intuition Is The ONLY Option)

It’s a constant battle… (intuition vs. logic)

The weighing of our divine insights against our rational reasoning.

In the moment… those “inspired ideas”… FEEL so right

Don’t they?

Personally… when I get one of those downloads, I think to myself…

“YEEEAAAHHS!   BOOM!  This is it!  Wow! Amazing!”

Somehow, these ideas have the ability to course through my entire body and light me up like a Christmas tree.

It’s a PHYSICAL experience.

In those moments of connection... I feel invincible – total unwavering faith.

However, eventually that connection fades.

All that remains are the bare bones of that idea…

Shortly after that… my mind will chime in.

“Well…. Vic, are you sure?”

“That idea isn’t very safe man.”

“Wait!  Have you considered this?”

“Victor!  It’s clear you haven’t given this much thought!”

“Okay… here’s what we’ll do..

“We will won’t abandon this all together, but we will wait for better timing.”



Another life changing… and perhaps enormous asset to the world… VANISHED.

Engulfed and digested by the worrisome, skeptical, and fearful ego mind.

All that is left is “that feeling”

That feeling that gnaws at you in the night… keeps you awake.

That pit in your stomach.

You know why it’s there.

You should have made a move.

To better express what I am getting at…

I have an embarrassing personal example to share…

Many of you know, I used to be a “professional pot grower.”  This was one of my jobs.

At the very tail end of my career, I broke out of the larger scale operation I was in and reduced it to a medium sized basement grow.

At this time, I had STRONG feelings to shut it down completely, even though it was my only income at the time, and I did actually enjoy it.

My destiny was calling… and I KNEW it.

At that time I wasn’t clear as to exactly what this destiny was… it was just a feeling, albeit a strong one.

But part of me KNEW that for this feeling to grow into anything more, I HAD to chop down my grow operation.

On paper, this notion was about the most insane and illogical move someone in my position could make…

It was financial suicide.

I had a large group of plants just about 3 weeks away from a big pay day.

But that feeling… that inner sense of dread… that knot in my stomach… man… it was intense.

It literally kept me awake at night.

I just could not shake it.

It haunted my every step…every moment had this undercurrent of… WRONG… I was NOT on my path.

How could I?

How could I do this, I wondered?

My intuition must be going haywire, I thought.

But… that feeling eventually got so intense that I finally ran down stairs… in the middle of the night.. and turned off all the lights…

I cut the power… killed the entire grow operation with the flick of a switch.

That was it.

The feeling was gone!


Oh, what a relief!

But, as you might expect…

I’d wake up the next morning and my mind would start SPRINTING!

“Victor!  What on earth have you done?!”

“Have you completely lost your mind!”

So i’d pace around my living room, frantically pondering these questions… and conclude…

“YES!  I must have, what was I thinking!?”

So, I would run back downstairs and start up a brand new grow… which takes a good 4 months to come to financial fruition.

I am embarrassed to admit, I repeated this process 3 or 4 times!

At that point, even my wife who is very open minded, started to question my sanity.

This situation was getting out of hand.

I was having nightmares every single night… all night long… visions of my house burning down because of this grow.

My spirit guides even made appearances in my dreams, which is rare… and basically said..

“BRO! …you must let this go… and you must do it NOW”

That feeling in my stomach grew to such epic proportions that even ALL of the consequences my mind could come up with for blindly jumping off the cliff… did not compare!

So I did.

I leapt off my withered little cliff of perceived safety… right into the DEEP unknown.

Less than a year later…

Here I am…


MUCH healthier.

100X more FREE

I wake up each morning filled with PASSION.

But above all else… I feel “WHOLE”

It is my strong belief that this year of 2017 is going to ask many of you to take a similar leap of faith.

All I will say is this…

Your intuition has the ability to see your life in a much broader context and consequently, it’s advice, though sometimes difficult to make sense of… is sound.

It’s actually much better than “sound.”

That merely implies satisfactory.

Your intuition is freaking genius.

The way it has the ability to lead you in, what so often seems like an aimless, incoherent path.. and yet…

ALWAYS manages to pull everything together in PERFECT timing and in mind blowing fashion.


Your intuition is your ONLY guide… ignoring it is becoming no longer an option.

But that actually spells great news for you.

Because it will lead you to a place in your life so grand and perfect that your mind can’t even begin to conceive.

Your dreams are closer than they seem…

But sometimes you gotta just jump.




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